Contact Information

Old Car City USA

3098 Highway 411 Northeast
White, GA 30184

PO Box 480,
White, GA 30184

P: 770-382-6141


Hot Rod Magazine

Don’t forget to check out the current issue of Hot Rod Magazine.  It has an article with images made at Old Car City.  Well worth checking out.


Current Pricing Explained

We often get questions about our pricing, so I will explain the two different price points.   $15.00:  This price point is for visitors that are not here for photography purposes.  This is usually for the visitors that want stroll around and take a walk down memory lane and find the old family car, dad’s […]

Clint Brownlee

An Introduction

Hello, my name is Clint Brownlee and I am a local photographer in Woodstock, Georgia.  I have been going to make photographs at Old Car City USA for a while now and I am now helping Mr. Lewis by writing and managing content for the Old Car City USA website.  I will be posting several […]

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