Contact Information

Old Car City USA

3098 Highway 411 Northeast
White, GA 30184

PO Box 480,
White, GA 30184

P: 770-382-6141

lucite indian

Old Car City USA Theme Song

Here it is, the premier of the Old Car City USA Theme Song!  Lots of great things are coming to Old Car City in the future.  


Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Old Car City USA! We hope everyone had a fantastic time with their family and friends during the holidays.  If you got new camera gear for Christmas, now is as good a time as any to head out to Old Car City and give that new gear a […]


Current Pricing Explained

We often get questions about our pricing, so I will explain the two different price points.   $15.00:  This price point is for visitors that are not here for photography purposes.  This is usually for the visitors that want stroll around and take a walk down memory lane and find the old family car, dad’s […]

lucite indian

Great Light!

Looks like tomorrow will be a great day to head out to Old Car City USA to do some photography.  Mostly sunny with no chance of rain and a high of 60 degrees.  With the leaves gone and the changing angle of the sun, the light has been great in all areas.  You can always […]