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  1. Outstanding!!!! Love the song, love the surroundings. Heading your way! Keep me up to date on what is happening if you could. From what I have seen on line this is the place to go and take pictures and enjoy history.

  2. Truly a classic, Eddie and Dean. We were just there this past Saturday ( Halloween 2015 ) and really enjoyed walking around the 32 acres. Eddie was inside playing the piano and I can honestly say that it was the first time that I have ever seen a piano man at a junk yard. You can bet that I will be back …
    Frank Hardy

    1. Hey Frank, we’re a little late in replying to your comments of 2 years ago, but we enjoyed them nonetheless. We hope you have been back.

  3. Dean and team,
    I love the theme song by Eddie Mac. Old Car City was on my bucket list so I flew in from Denver to spend a day photographing these majestic vehicles! What a day it was.

    I also loved the creative stylings of Rocky the “sign man”. I would like to see more of his work!

    BTW I wrote an Ode To Old Cars. Let me know if you are interested.

    I’ll be back for sure!

    Best regards,

      1. Hi!
        It’s too funny that your reply just arrived. I’m getting ready to head out and photograph in New Orleans and then the swamps. From there, I’m driving to the Great Smokey Mtns for Fall Colors. I’m doing my best to coordinate a stop at Old Car City to see you fine folks again.

        In the meantime, here’s the Ode to Old Cars. Maybe Eddie Mac can do something with it. Please enjoy 🙂

        An Ode to Old Cars
        As I pass through the gate and wander amongst the soft light of Georgia pines, I’m filled with a sense of awe and wonder.

        Am I in…

        A junkyard? A graveyard? A cathedral?

        I think it’s some of each, but the overwhelming feeling is that I’m in a hallowed place deserving of reverence and respect for each car and the life it led. I feel the spirit of metal and chrome as each car quietly whispers its story to me. My role is to listen and contemplate the journey that these magnificent vehicles took during their lives.

        • Some lived good long lives serving every need of their master
        • Some played a role to serve and be helpful
        • Some had lives that ended much too soon
        • Yet they all served to help fulfill a wide variety of hopes and dreams

        Each vehicle rolled off an assembly line one at a time prepared for its mission. After being born, each was delivered to a dealer’s showroom waiting to be picked by an excited new owner.
        I imagine buyers walking through the showroom eagerly anticipating the dreams that the vehicle would fulfill once they drove it off the lot.

        • Was it a “first” car that allowed the driver to experience the freedom and independence that comes with motorized wheels?
        • Was it a newer, larger car that served the needs of an expanding family?
        • Was it transportation or an object of love and adoration?

        Did the car…
        • Carry a student to school?
        • Complete an infinite number of errands at the beck and call of its driver?
        • Rattle tin cans behind it as it drove off with newlyweds beginning their lives together?
        • Carry a proud family to church each Sunday?
        • Transport its owner to work each day to fulfill a career?
        • Roll down the highways and byways with its family enjoying a vacation?
        • Feel the salt air of the ocean?
        • Feel the cool morning mist of the mountains?

        In these cars…
        • Love began for many and ended for others
        • Lives were conceived
        • Expectant moms were rushed to hospitals to have babies
        • Babies were born in the backseats when time ran short
        • Drivers smiled as they traveled to their destinations
        • Children laughed and giggled as they rode in the cars, or on big yellow buses
        • Passengers smiled as they felt the wind in their hair on warm days, or the warmth of the car on cold nights.
        • In all, each rider felt some sense freedom and control granted by their mobility

        And sadly…
        • Accidents occurred
        • Lives were forever altered or ended in and around these cars
        • Pain was endured
        • Innocent people were affected by the misdeeds of car owners

        Although I choose to focus on the positives, I must remember and respect both the joys and burdens that these cars will carry for their eternity.
        Some will say that cars are simply hunks of metal with no feeling or spirit, but I think differently. How can a car meld so closely with people through their life journeys and not absorb part of the life-force and spirit that surrounded them?
        Even as these cars sit in their solitude, I can see the presence of life as trees, leaves, moss, and plants grow on and in them.

        As my time of worship in this cathedral came to a close, I whispered a silent prayer that each vehicle will be able to rest in peace as it slowly returns to dust.


  4. I visited you in October 2015 and I can not wait to come back! I do photography as a hobby and WOW what great pictures I took. My father in-law restores classic cars so I took the pictures I took here and put them on a digital photo album for him for Christmas and he can’t wait to visit you!

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